9 Helpful Apps Pet Owners Should Keep Handy

Being a great pet owner sometimes takes a lot of work, but that doesn’t mean it has to take a lot of time. These 9 handy apps will help simplify taking care of your pet, all from the convenience of your phone or tablet. From finding dog-friendly establishments to refilling your pet’s prescription, you’ll be on your way to having a happier, healthier pet in just a few clicks!

Dog Park Finder Plus – Whether you’re planning a vacation with your pup, or frequently find yourselves on the go, this app is for you. With it, you’ll be able to locate and map thousands of dog-friendly parks, beaches, rest stops, restaurants and more anywhere across the U.S. The app also displays pertinent information about each destination (such as hours of operation or any extra fees), along with reviews and photos left behind by previous visitors. The cost to download the app is $1.99 on iTunes, but similar apps like Fido Factor or Petcentric are great, free alternatives.

Dog Whistler – Lost your dog in the park? Try the Dog Whistler. With over a dozen sound patterns to choose from, this no-cost app will help you catch your canine’s attention, whether you’re trying to call him from a distance or trying to train him.

iKibble -Before you feed your dog table scraps, you’ll definitely want to reference the iKibble app. The program will help you identify which foods are safe & healthy for your dog to consume via the searchable database containing dozens of various food types.

Pet Care Services – Need to find someone to watch your pet? Encounter an emergency while away from home? Pet Care Services will help you find nearby pet care services in a snap. The free app will help you find everything from doggy daycares, walkers, trainers, groomers, emergency pet clinics and hospitals, pet food stores, and more!

Pet First Aid - Did Buddy get another bruise or bump? Come to his rescue with this Pet First Aid app. With important information, photos, and video, the app will help guide you through tending to your pet in the event of an injury, illness, or other medical emergency. The app will also allow you to keep track of your pet’s weight, allergies, medications, and more so it can be quickly referenced if you should need to visit the vet. Another similar application choice, PetTech PetSaver, is another great choice that offers many of the same wonderful benefits as listed above.

Pet Master Pro – Keep all of your pet’s vital information organized with Pet Master Pro. The app will keep track of each of your pet’s medical information, appointments, important contacts, insurance records, and microchip data.

Petometer – Get your pet in tip top shape with the Petometer. This free app from Purina will help you track each dog walk, including the path, distance, pace, and time traveled, plus suggest other exercises that will be beneficial to your pet.

Pet Poison Help – You may not know it, but that bouquet of flowers on the table or plants in your garden may be poisonous to your pet. Find out which products and plants in your home are safe or toxic with this Pet Poison Help app. Using the app, you’ll also has the ability to quickly connect to a 24/7 animal poison control helpline in the event you need extra assistance or advice.

PetWise – This free app will allow you to easily sync up with your pet’s veterinarian’s office. From the app, you can schedule an appointment, refill your pet’s prescription, access their medical records, and more all from your handheld device!


Do you have a favorite pet app that you find helpful? Let us know in the comments below!