Coordinating Halloween Costumes for You and Your Canine

If you and the kids will be trick or treating with your pet this year, why not try coordinating your costumes together? Using otherwise ordinary costumes, we came up with a few fun combinations that will make you and your pet really stand out from the crowd this Halloween.

Mad Scientist and Frankenstein – It’s alive! Dressed as Dr. Frankenstein ($39.99, Spirit Halloween) and your dog as monster “Barkenstein” ($33-$37 at Dog Halloween Costumes Shop), the two of you will play the parts from the classic horror story.

Ghostbuster and Ghost – Who ya gonna call? Dial into this Ghostbuster Costume with neat inflatable proton pack ($39.99, Target) and Ghost Dog Costume ($40, Baxter Boo) for two ghoulishly good get-ups.

Bacon and Egg – Scramble bacon and eggs together for a well-balanced costume duo. Take a crack at this sunny side up Fried Egg Costume ($34.99, Fright Catalog) while your dog hams it up as Bacon ($16.99, Toys R Us).

Swedish Chef and Chicken – Fans of “The Muppet Show” will recognize this pair from popular sketches seen on the show. With your dog dressed as a chicken (we found this rooster cap to be close – just add red felt for a wattle! $10, Baxter Boo), don this Swedish Chef costume ($49.99, Party City) and bork, bork, bork the night away!

Bee and Flower – Everyone will be buzzing about your choice in costumes when you come dressed as a Bumble Bee ($36.99, BuyCostumes) and your pup dressed as a Blooming Flower ($12.99, BuyCostumes). Bonus: The flower costume makes for a stealthy disguise if in the event your dog decides to trample through your neighbor’s garden again!

Ernie and Rubber Duckie – Rubber Duckie may have made bath time lots of fun, but “Rubber Doggie” will make trick-or-treat night a blast! Ernie ($49.99, Spirit Halloween) and Yellow Chicken ($31.50-$35, Baxter Boo)

Princess and Frog – Kiss your ordinary costume goodbye. As an Enchanted Princess ($54, Costume Craze), step from the pages of the Brothers Grimm folk story with the Frog Prince by your side.

The Man with the Yellow Hat and Curious George – Monkey around on Halloween night with your pup dressed like the inquisitive little monkey from the popular children’s book seriesĀ ($15.99, PetCo) and his best pal, the Man with the Yellow Hat ($39.99, Party City).

Little Miss Muffet and Spider – Eat your curds and whey (or candy corn and mini Tootsie Rolls) as you retell the classic nursery rhyme with this Little Miss Muffet ensemble ($19.95, PureCostumes) and not-so-frightening Spider dog costume ($15.99-$17, PetSmart).


What will you and your pet be dressed as this Halloween? Let us know in the comments below!


Image Credit: Wylio