Black Cats: Don’t Judge a Cat by Its Coat

Cropping up in store aisles and front yards lately, you’ve likely seen loads of spooky Halloween decorations covered in howling ghosts, creepy spiders, cackling witches, and scary black cats. While it may be easy to see why ghosts and spiders give people the creeps, why black cats?

For hundreds of years, black cats have gotten a bad reputation for bringing bad luck to those around them. From pirates to baseball fans, people have long since believed that black cats are sign of evil or impending misfortune. Although some countries, like Ireland and Japan, view the black cat as a sign of good luck, many other cultures still believe in the superstition to this day. Unfortunately, it’s negatively affecting the adoption rate of all-black cats nationwide, as black cats are statistically less likely to be adopted than cats of other colors.

But the truth is, black cats not only bring their owners a lot of luck, but plenty of love, too! Thankfully, a few organizations agree and are doing what they can to help the black cat cause this season. The Black Cat Rescue, a no-kill cat rescue organization in Boston, Massachusetts specializing in the rescue of homeless black-coated cats, is one of them. The shelter has been working hard to find permanent homes for their cats by promoting cat adoption drives and waiving adoption fees this month. Other shelters,  such as the Barrington Animal Control in East Bay, Rhode Island and Public Animal Welfare Society in Cleveland, Ohio, has also been recently waiving adoption fees for black cats in an effort to help place the often overlooked animals.

If you are interested in making a black cat a new member of your family and would like to find a similar event in your area, contact your local animal shelter. You can also search for adoptable cats via PetFinder or AdoptaPet.

In the meantime, if you adore these cats as much as we do (or if you just need a little convincing) here’s a look at a few black beauties in all their glory!


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Image Credit: Wylio