From photos of your pet, baby,  and shoes, to your favorite recipes, chances are, you’ve got dozens of prized pictures saved on your computer of all of your favorite things. But have you ever wondered just how cute your cuddly critter is and just how cool those new shoes you just splurged on really are? Upload your photos to JoeVote, and you’ll see just how well your favorite things stack up against others!

When you upload your photo to the JoeVote app, your image will face off against other related images in the JoeVote community. Users like yourself can cast their vote for their favorites, leave comments, and petition for their preferred pictures by sharing them with their Facebook contacts. The photos which receive the highest votes will be spotlighted each week, and may even be selected as a prize winner in a JoeVote giveaway!

Will your pet earn the title of JoeVote’s Cutest Pet? Will your new kicks be crowned the coolest in the community? Upload, vote, and see if your favorite photos will climb to the top of JoeVote!